Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I like most haven't gotten anything for the Mister as of yet.  Not to worry I've assembled some ideas that will make the miss or mister in your life very happy.  And because they deserve more than just the $10 bouquet or teddy bear with chocolate, Happy Shopping.

1. A gorgeous clutch from Emersonmade will compliment any outfit she owns perfectly.  
2. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb in a black sparkly bottle will make her smell amazing and look fabulous on her dresser.
3. Instead of the usual chocolates this year, surprise her with delicate and delicious macaroons.  You can order them direct from Paris here.
4. What is sexier than red lips, adorn her with this YSL red classic.
5. Give her the gift of relaxation with this sensual candle from Liberty.
6. Get her some sparkle this year, with this gorgeous pink Amanda Pearl necklace.
7. Spell it out with the new classic, LOVE poster, by MadeByGirl.
8. Put a ring on it, with this Etsy fav- meltensem.
9. Nothing says Valentine's Day like red, hearts, and of course designer.  Gentlemen you can't go wrong with a Louis Vuittion coin purse.
1. Nothing says romance like "here I got you shave cream, so that when we kiss later your stubble doesn't stab me".  Okay not so much romance, but at least it shows you care- Mr. Taylor shave set.
2. Dark Chocolate it's sensual and delicious, and he'll love it.
3. Because everyone needs a pink tie, and this Burberry Woven Silk tie is more sophisticated than the other pink tie you picked out with the hearts/teddy bears on it.
4. An Ipad, need I say more.
5. Ladies, men like designer goods as much as we do, meet the Hermes Men's Cape Cod watch.
6. Because you're honey is a sophisticated wine connoisseur, or at least he likes to pretend like he is one, a wine aerator.

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