Hi lovelies, my name is Praveen and I'm thrilled to have you here.  Welcome to rnlMusings.  {A by product of rivernorthLove}  As much as I love parties, I wanted a space for all things beautiful, creative, and inspiring that I heart {DIY, design & decor, fashion, travel, and all things foodie}.  With a focus on everyday entertaining, adventures in parenthood, and making a home.  I hope you'll enjoy the random thoughts, ideas, and visual impulses that inspire me and hopefully they'll inspire you too.


:: I believe that if you have the capacity to make some one's day or change a life, it's your responsibility to do so. 
:: I graduated from The University of Illinois (in Urbana/Champaign).
:: I will always have a serious case of wanderlust, I love traveling and wish I could make it my job.  Currently I've been to a total of 22 countries.
:: I adore all things JCrew, KateSpade, and Etsy.
:: I believe in surrounding yourself with good people, engaging in uplifting conversations, sharing brilliant ideas, and encouraging those around you.
:: I don't watch normal TV but binge watch seasons of my favorite shows in the span of  a weekend.
:: I have a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration.
:: I get my craftiness/creativity from my mom.  She has a knack for making beautiful things, and a vision to pull it all together.
:: We currently reside in Chicago, arguably the best city ever, yes I'm biased.
:: My roommates include the cat, the dog, my Mister, & our little Man.
:: I was born on a tropical island.
:: I make a mean guacamole and I love a good margarita, on the rocks please.
:: I believe in embracing your vulnerability, failing before you get it right, and always giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.
:: There's nothing I love more in this world than a good book and a cup of tea (besides the Mister & my Little Man), it's like a love affair.  I've been known to not surface for days at a time except for food.
:: I love baking.  It would be a dream to own a bakery one day.
:: I got married twice (to the same guy): wedding no. 1 & wedding no. 2
:: I believe in taking a stand for love. 


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:: I love working & collaborating with people.  So if you have an idea or suggestion, don't be shy.  Drop us at line at: rivernorthlove{at}gmail.{dot}com ::