Snow White Dessert Table

In keeping with the storybook theme (check out this beautiful Goldilocks and the 3 Bears party), I love this Snow White themed dessert table by Belle Amour"The intro to the story talks of the queen wanting a child that was ‘as fair as snow, as rosy as the red blood and with hairs and eyes as black as ebony’ so that decided my colours for me: red, black and white. Other elements of the story are the wicked stepmother asking a huntsman to bring back Snow White’s heart, he instead bought back a deer’s heart. This led to deer cake toppers that I sprayed red, heart biscuits and I also cross-stitched a heart, then covered a button with it, for the bow around the cake." 
This dessert table is so enchanting, beautiful and of course, everything looks delicious!

{photos via Belle Amour}
More Snow White inspiration
{photos via MyLife-MyLoves}

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