Summer To-Do

Memorial Day marks the start of the summer, and the beginning of our summer to-do list.  Our ever growing list, includes all of the following...
{photo via A Subtle Revelry}

1. Downtown Sound: Music Mondays in Millennium Park
2. Movies in the Park (Inception- July 1st, The Dark Night- June 23rd, and the classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off - June28th, July13th, & Aug 12th)
3. Celebrating our 2nd year wedding anniversary
5. Wednesday night fireworks at Navy Pier
6. Hit up the Driving Range
7. Sunday farmer's markets
8. Beach
9. Northhalsted Market Days
10. Sign up for a race
11. Grab a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery when they open later this summer
12. BBQ for dinner
13. Jazz at the Shedd Aquarium
14. Roadtrip
15. Make summer cocktails
16. Go somewhere, anywhere (vacation)
17. Take our camera with us everywhere
18. Go on a boat ride
19. Go out for ice cream
20. IMAX or Drive-In
21. Beach volleyball game
22. Summer baseball game
23. BBQ on the beach
24. Fresh cut flowers at home
25. Summer concert at Lincoln Park Zoo
26. Mini golf at Green at Grant Park
27. Chicago al fresco dining
28. Make homemade Jam
29. Summer manicures
30. Traditional Chicago summer activities: Taste of Chicago
31. End of Summer Wine & Cheese party

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