DIY :: Dexter Slides & Halloween Coffins

I'm obsessed with Showtime's Dexter.  The Mister and I have flown through season 1 & 2, and we're currently half way through season 3.  They have some fabulous writers working on this show, if you haven't already gotten sucked in to Dexter, I suggest renting the first season.  Needless to say, when I saw this tutorial on edible/candy Dexter slides, I was in love, and I knew I had to make them.  They are the perfect addition to my Halloween coffins.  Sadly in my rush to get them made, I misspelled Miami.  Halloween fail.  Oh well at least people knew what they were in reference to, haha. 

Halloween Coffins:
I used old shoe boxes, threw on a layer if black paint, and wrapped the lids with black crepe paper.  I lined the coffins with pink tissue, and filled with treats.  Treats include mummy wrapped candy bars, a bat chocolate bar cover, Dexter slides, ghost marshmallows and other fun things.  I created tombstones outlines and embossed RIP in pink to match the lining!

{all photos via Me}


  1. cute ideas! i tried to watch dexter, but am too much of a wimp...i only made it (barely) through 2 episodes!

  2. Thanks Terese! Haha I think I had more fun making these slides than anything else.