29... Acts of Random Kindness

This year I will be turning 29, the last of my years before my 3rd decade.  In honor of that not so fun number, I've decided to ring in my 29th year with 29 random acts of kindness.   I was so inspired by the Birthday Project, and it's creator Robyn Bomar, I decided to create my own list.  As you can imagine I have not yet reached 29 acts, so if you have any suggestions or acts you think I should try please let me know.   Have a fabulous weekend!
  1. Doante to Movember, Men's health charity
  2. Hand out blessing bags to the homeless
  3. Donuts to the local PD or FD
  4. Pay for some one's morning coffee
  5. Buy gift cards for coffee and gift to a random stranger
  6. Buy gift cards for groceries or gas and gift to a random stranger
  7. Pay parking meters
  8. Donate stuffed animals to a children's hospital
  9. Donate bags of clothes to a homeless shelter
  10. Donate blood
  11. Take food cans to a shelter or food bank
  12. Bring in a treat for my co-workers
  13. Leave a generous tip to my server
  14. Let someone go ahead of me in line at the grocery store/movie theater
  15. Pick up trash
  16. Leave change in a vending machine
  17. Roundtrip tickets for the CTA
  18. Donate to the Salvation Army buckets
  19. Donate diappers to an orphanage
  20. Warm gloves and hand warmers to the homeless
  21. Buy lotto tickets for a stranger

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