Holiday Cards

One of our favorite holiday traditions is sending holiday cards.  The mister and I have a history of taking silly pictures and sending hand made cards to our loved ones.   Last year we were dressed up in reindeer and Santa head gear, this year's photo will probably be taken at a Christmas tree lot.  We usually post a mini update on the back to keep everyone in the loop.  This year ours will read:
the Mister
started his third year of residency ~ tore his ACL, MCL, LCL, meniscus ~ went to Hawaii, Omaha, NYC ~  had surgery to repair the above mentioned injury ~ turned 28
still working in healthcare strategy ~ went to NYC, Omaha, Hawaii ~ is turning 29, eek ~ took care of her adult child during both of his recoveries ~ learned to surf ~ still working on her event design company- the{little}details
still the cat of the house ~ thinks he runs the place

We love displaying them at our holiday parties by  laying them out in a collage format on our dining table and placing a glass top over them.  It's a fun way to get our guest to gather over the dining table, other than food!  This year we are thinking of getting one of these lovely cards from Tiny Print's Holiday Collection
{Fantasy Snowflake}
{Spread Cheer}
{Rhythmic Adornment}
{Banner of Dreams}

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