2012 is off to a great start

The Mister and I are adopting a mini goldendoodle, and I'm beyond thrilled!  Every year since I was a little girl, I'd ask Santa for a puppy for Christmas.  As a grown up that's the one thing that's always remained on my list.  Albeit it's slipped from the no. 1 spot to further down the list, as I realized the responsibility of walking, housebreaking, and picking up after it, would all fall on me.  But yesterday the mister and I became our own Santa and adopted this little amazing fur ball, meet Parker!!  We get to pick him up in 6 weeks, which trust me, feels like a life time away.  Beyond excited to start this chapter in our lives and it's a fantastic start to 2012!
Other fabulous things I'm looking forward to in 2012!
~ 7 weddings (4 friends, 2 family, and 1 coordinated by the{little}details)
~ 1 engagement
~ 3 bachelorette parties
~ celebrating 3 yrs of marriage
~ celebrating my 30th birthday
~ arrival of 2 babies that we know about 

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