Friday Favs

It's an unusually warm January day, (high of 53, really?) and it's getting me out of my Janopause funk.  Janopause aka the glum that settles in after the holiday are over and you realize you've got another 2-3 months of crappy, cold, windy, weather with no holiday or day off insight.

 Link Love:
~ I fell in love with green pants after JCrew put out this fun catalog photo.  But now thanks to Song of Style, I think mint green pants are just the thing for me!
~ Also helping me out of my Janopause (see definition above) a list of the worlds most affordable hotels, I'm plotting our next vaca as we speak!
~ Made this Korean inspired salad last night and loved it, so tasty!
~ I'm a little obsessed with this DIY Sequin Photobooth, now if only I could find an appropriate event for it....
~ My new favorite motivational workout blog, and yes part of why it's my new fav is the name: PeanutButterRunner
~ DIY sugar scrub to banish dry and flaky winter skin
~ I'm obsessed with Instagram, (if you're on it we're rivernorthLove) and it turns out you can make fun photostrips with the pictures you captured, genius!

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