Tasty Thursday

We're serving up appetizers and finger-food at the bestie's bridal shower this weekend.  It's a Bling & Bubbly themed shower.  Love these mini buffalo chicken dip bites.  They're pretty to look at and delicious!

1 roll phyllo dough sheets (plus olive oil for brushing) or 1 box phyllo cups
8 ounces cream cheese
4 ounces cream-style blue cheese
1 generous cup cooked chicken, cut into chunks or shredded
1/4 cup buffalo-style hot sauce
2 ounces crumbled blue cheese
1-2 chopped green onions, optional garnish

If using phyllo dough sheets: Carefully lay one sheet of phyllo dough on a dry work surface. Brush lightly with olive oil, covering the sheet. Repeat with 3 more sheets until a layer of 4 sheets is brushed, keeping unused sheets covered with plastic wrap and a wet towel. Using a pastry wheel or pizza cutter, cut into 2″ squares. Transfer squares to a parchment-lined baking sheet to fill. (Repeat with remaining phyllo sheets after filled and baking, one set of 4 sheets at a time.)

If using phyllo cups: Line the cups on a baking sheet, spaced an inch or so apart to fill.

In a small bowl, mix together cream cheese and cream-style blue cheese until combined. Add 1-2 generous teaspoons in the bottom of the phyllo cups or the center of the phyllo squares. Top with 1 teaspoon of chicken. Add enough hot sauce to cover the chicken and top with blue cheese. For the squares, pinch up the corners of the phyllo to the center to create a small box.

Bake at 350º F for 15-18 minutes, just until phyllo starts to brown and cheese is hot and bubbly. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before serving. Garnish with green onions. Best served warm.


  1. oh man, wish i would have had this recipe for the super bowl. looks yummy!