Friday Favs & 365Project Update

Happy Friday! Hope you have something festive planned for St. Patty's Day!  We'll be rocking some custom made shirts tomorrow and celebrating our pseudo-Irish heritage.

365Project Update via Instagram {@rivernorthLove}
{Getting ready for a couple bachelorette parties and a bridal shower: 1. Hand stamped table cloth, 2. Blinged out Step-and-Repeat. 3. Elephant Food Cards, SATC bachelorette shirts, 5. Coco Chanel bachelorette goodie bags, 6. Remnants of a silk screen}

{From our SATC bachelorette weekend: 7. Tea at the Russian Tea Room in Manhattan, 8. Hangover helpers, 9. $8 Manis - Chicago needs more nail places, 10. All the girls at Blue Water Grill; 11. Our St. Patty's Day shirts, 12. Parker knows where the good stuff is}

~ St. Patty's Day wedding inspiration
~ Wanting to do this to all my matchboxes
~ Love these colored pant looks: Kendi, Saucy Glossy, & Jessica Alba
~ Lovely smelling and beautifully packaged hand soap
~ Want one of these blinged out letters asap, love Twisted Twig's shop.
~ Love her style, but sometimes she's a culinary genius.  Love these brownie squares.

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