Soiree :: Sex And The City Themed Bachelorette

We were in NYC this past weekend celebrating a Sex And The City themed bachelorette for one of our good friends.  We dinned at restaurants our favorite four fictional ladies dinned, took a strip tease class, celebrated our bachelorette, and danced the night away.  The color palette for our NYC bachelorette party, aptly named "Neha And The City" was pink, white, and black.  We created goodie bags for all the girls that included: water bottles, nail files, shot glasses, hang-over helper kits, mints, and a "Neha And The City" tank.  We created a mini cocktail bar that included martini recipes such as the Carrie, the Miranda, the Charlotte, the Samantha, and renamed the Cosmopolitan to play on our bride-to-be's new last name.  Threw in Magnolia cupcakes, cookies, a boa, and of course the infamous yellow post it.   We also added SATC ambiance with Carrie's musings "I couldn't help but wonder..." and added a pin-the-lips on Mr. Big game.  We gifted our bride-to-be with the book, Love Letters of Great Men (from the first SATC movie), and had her soon to be husband write her the sweetest love letter that had everyone teary-eyed.  And since we were a diverse group of girls from Chicago, DC, and NYC we had our bachelorette write up a little blurb about each girl and put them together in a New York Star (the fictional newspaper Carrie wrote for), "Sex and the City" column and sent it out to the girls the week of the trip.

the "Carrie" desk

{Pin the lips on Mr. Big.  Not sure why his head is so much smaller in comparison to his body}

{Carrie's Musings "I Couldn't Help But Wonder..."}

We decked out our bachelorette in traditional bachelorette style: a sash and huge ring.  We also added a mock Carrie Veil from the first movie.
{logo for our SATC inspired Bachelorette weekend}

We played the undie game, where each girl brought an undie for the bride to be, and placed it in one of the bags that most closely represents one for the four SATC leading ladies.  And the bride-to-be guessed who the undie was from.

On our last day in NYC we decided to have brunch at the Russian Tea Room, location of Alexandr and Carrie's first date.  We added quotes such as "He tasted like black cherries" and "Alright you gorgeous Russian, I'm off" that were representative of their romance at each place setting.  And we gifted our bride-to-be with the apron that Charlotte wore in the second movie, in a similar style box as when Alexandr gifted Carrie that pink Oscar de la Renta gown (from the episode, the Ick Factor).

~ All photos courtesy of me.


  1. Where did you get these water bottle labels??? Please help!

  2. We made the water bottle labels. Let me know if you would like some and I can see if I can draft them up for your bachelorette.

  3. Love the idea! Could you help me draft the label up for a party I am planning?!

  4. Hi there, loved your idea. How do I go about making the water bottle labels? I'm organising my friends hen weekend. Please help?