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Today's DIY post is the pinata I made for our friend's fiesta this past weekend.  Stay tuned, we will be sharing the fiesta details tomorrow on rivernorthLove.  I have a confession, I've never been to a party with a pinata, even as a kid none of my friends had pinatas at their party, so I decided this would be a great opportunity to make one.  Loved this project it was easy, a little time consuming, so rewarding, and picking out the candy was so much fun.  Note you could use this same method with numbers or other shapes.

You will need:
Cardboard boxes (I was able to use just one)
Ruler, Pencil for straight lines
Exacto Knife or Scissors
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Step 1. Draw out your shape, I used the letter P.  Using the ruler I was able to measure out and draw straight lines.  My letter P was about 2 feet tall.

Step 2. Cut out your letter.  I had some strong kitchen sheers that I used.  Ideally you'd cut both sides of your shape out together using an Exacto knife, I had some trimming to do using the kitchen sheers method.

Step 3. Cut strips of cardboard for your edging.  Mine were 2' thick.  Make sure to roll and bend your edging as it'll make it easier to conform to the curves of your shape.

Step 4.  I cheated a little and didn't completely fill out the curve of my 'P' as I was not going to place the candy in there, thus it was only one sheet of cardboard. 

Step 5. Tape your shape and the edging together. Leaving the lid unsealed so that you can add your candy.
Step 6.  Decorating the pinata is much more time consuming than assembling it.  I cut tissue paper into 4" strips and  then added slits/fringe in the strips.  You could measure out your slits so that they are evenly spread, but I decided to guesstimate.
Step 7.  Starting at the bottom of your shape put down a layer of glue and add a strip of fringe.  Keep alternating colors and repeating this process till you're at the top of your letter.  For the curved part of my 'P', I wrapped the fringe all the way around creating the illusion of a complete curve, even though there was only one piece of cardboard.

Step 8. Fill with candy, add the lid and seal it with tape, add more fringe to cover up the lid. 

Step 9. Take it to your friends fiesta and smile as everyone ohhs and ahhhs over your lovely masterpiece.

Step 10. Watch as your masterpiece is destroyed with a stick or bat.  But relish the fact that when you wake up in the morning there will be candy in your purse!

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