Monday, Monday: The Best of April Fools 2012

Here are some of our favorite April Fool's Day pranks this year:
1. Warby Barker
2. Conan O'Brien the new CEO of Mashable
3. Canadian Airlines introduces children-free cabins
4. Gmail Motion

5.  Best office pranks:
- Cover up the ball or optical sensor on a colleague's mouse with tape
- Insert a wireless mouse into a colleague's computer and watch their confusion as their mouse no longer controls their computer
- Leave them a voice mail requesting a meeting, but leave the number to a strip club
- Call them every hour asking for a "Larry"
- Wrap everything on their desk, including their desk, and chair in paper, cling wrap or foil
- Tell random people around the office that your colleague wants them to stop by their office at 11am
- Call your colleague before work and say "I'm sorry to hear about you getting let go" and  offer to help them clean out their desk.
- Switch the woman's and men's bathroom signs

6. Best pranks for friends/family members:
- Tell everyone you're pregnant
- Place cling wrap over the toilet
- Tell your friend you're sorry about the affair, but they were bound to find out.
- Turn all the clocks forward by an hour
- Replace word shortcuts on their iPhone: go to General, then Keyboard and Shortcuts. Click ‘Add New Shortcut’ and wreak havoc. 
- Leave a note on their car saying sorry about the dent and leave a fake number.  Watch as they search frantically for something that isn't there.
- Change their birthday on Facebook to April 1st

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