Things I'm Afarid To Tell You

 You might have seen the blogosphere blow up with "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" in waves, these past couple weeks.  Thanks to ez over at Creature Comforts for getting the ball rolling, and Jess from JessLC for her initial post.  Some of my favorite bloggers shared things they were afraid to tell their readers.  So without further ado, here it goes....

I'm a procrastinator to the core.

I have anxiety over creating the perfect Instagram photos.

I went from being terrified of having kids, to terrified that I wont be able to in a matter of 2 moths.

I expect to put in minimal effort and end up with a dynamite end product.  When ever I try anything new there's usually swearing involved, and sometimes I'll throw my hands up and say "I give up".

I compare myself to those around me even though we are on completely different career paths.

I've gotten to where I am in life by being passive.  My career choice and jobs have literally fallen into my lap.  It scares me to think what I could accomplish, especially with the{little}details, by actually trying.

I'm terrified of failure (see above), it's so debilitating, that I don't even try to succeed.  How lame does that make me?

I am addicted to spending money.  The mister and I created a budget, and every month as per mint.com, I'm in the red.

I want to write a novel one day.  Only problem is I have started 3 and not finished any.  Again, lame.

I sometimes feel like blogging is a popularity contest, so thank you to those of you who keep coming back for more.

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