Engineer Prints as Wrapping Paper

I'm sure you've seen the large black and white Engineer prints on Pinterest.  They're a great way to enlarge a print without breaking the bank.  As we are currently running out of wall space at casa Praveen/the Mister, I decided to find another use for them.  I realized engineer prints would double perfectly as wrapping paper.  We were celebrating one of our besties birthdays, so I created wrapping paper full of fun facts about the birthday girl's date of birth, birth year, and the number 29.  For example, in 1997 on her birthday the Bulls won their 5th NBA championship, and in 1983 MJ introduced the world to the moonwalk.  And in case you were wondering we gifted her with these lovely Henri Bendel stacked bangles.

The Mister and I are celebrating our second 3rd wedding anniversary today.  In celebration of that day 3 years ago when we said "I Do" again, I'm sharing pictures from our second wedding on rivernorthLove.

{the birthday girl loving her fun facts}

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