It's whats on the inside that counts

... very true, especially when it comes to our health.  I've never been that girl that struggles with her weight, but I am that girl that's "fat" on the inside. 


At the age of 24 I was told I had borderline high cholesterol, fast forward 5 years and my doctor is telling me that I need to get my cholesterol in check, it was a ridiculous 232.  Seeing as I didn't want to die of a heart attack at the age of 40, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle.  Unfortunately for me, my high cholesterol is heredity.  Five months later, and between the daily benefiber in my water, fish oil pills, cutting carbs, and working out I managed to lower my choleswterol down to 205.  Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level for me will be a life long journey, and as part of that I've decided on two things this year.  One, to eat things out of a box sparingly if at all, and two, to understand how everything I consume effects my body.  After reading this article it further fueled my fire to take a more active role in my health.  Maybe in a couple months I can knock that number down past the 200 mark!

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