The Lost Art of Saying "Thank You"

I recently stumbled up on Framework Magazine, and can I say, Wow!  People's natural talent displayed in beautiful color filled pages always impress me.  I guess it's the senior editor of our high school's yearbook in me that get's all happy inside.  Needless to say, their next issue is on my to read list.  Their article on the "Art of Saying Thank You" really struck a cord with me.  I'm so in love with Olivia Lovenmark's, of LOVE + MARK'D, stunning cards and fabulous advice.  If you'd like to read the rest of the article, you can find in on page 31 of Issue 1.  While you're at it read the rest of the magazine, it's fabulous!

{via Framework Magazine}
  Olivia's tips for writing a personal "Thank You" card:
What are the elements of a well-written thank you card?    
     Addressing the person properly and using "dear".  We tend to address people using "hi...." but in writing I like a nice "dear....".  Also ask questions... don't just talk about yourself.  Your note should be a few sentences at least; one sentence is a cop-out.  When expressing your thanks, always include a personal reference like "that vase you gave me would be perfect in the dining room with..."

What is the appropriate time frame in which to send your thank you?    

     Up to a week after is appropriate.  2 weeks later is a belated thank you

Besides expressing your "thanks" what else can be achieved by sending a personalized and hand-written thank yous?    

     It shows your diligence.  It says a lot about your character, that you value people's time.  If you're thanking someone for meeting with you, a quick email can say thank you, but a note says "I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me."

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