Wedding Anniversary no.3

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to the Mister.  We were married for the first time today 3 years ago, and it's been an incredible ride, love you lots.  

To think.  Two people are born on separate days, separate years, and half way across the world from each other.   Two completely different people, with two separate families, cultures, experiences, and personalities.  One grew up as a tomboy, who loved to sing and travel.  The other was completely entertained with a ball and his friends.  They were completely and blissfully unaware of each other's existence.  Till he saw her face in the new freshman book at U of I, and till she met him at a bus stop outside their dorm.  Still fate had other plans for them and they spent the next 3 years as friends.  It wasn't until their senior year that all the pieces seem to fall together.  What started off as studying together, whispered secrets, and smiles across a room, turned into a life long love affair.  Is it fate to believe that these two strangers happen to become friends, and years later something more? Or, is it merely, pure coincidence; the right place, at the right time, with the right chemistry?  Destiny or not, these two people met, and their hearts and souls spontaneously collided, completely unaware that their dreams had just caught up to them.  And somewhere along their separate journeys, these two people became exactly who they needed to be for a lifetime.   To think.