Wedding Trends: Changing Your Last Name

For most brides once they've said their I Dos, it's time for a name change.  Although some brides have mixed feelings about adopting a new last name, for some it can be overwhelming.  Especially when they are unsure of which documents require a change,  and how to go about doing so.  Not to worry, we've complied a list of documents you'll need have changed and how to do so and which forms you'll need.
From miss to Mrs.
Legally required name changes:
1. Social Security Card: Required documents: Proof of Identification (Driver's License, Passport), Proof of Age (birth certificate) and a copy of your Marriage Certificate. You'll also need to complete the Social Security SS5 Form and bring all four documents to your local social security office.
2. Driver's License: To apply for a name change on your IL Driver’s License you’ll need either your new Social Security Card or your marriage certificate. There is a $5 fee for correcting a license.
3. Passport: You will need an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate, a passport photo, your current passport, a fee, and either the DS-82 form (if you've had your current passport for over a year) or the DS-5504 form (if you've had your current passport for less than a year)

Don't forget to notify the following institutions of your name change:
- Financial institutions: credit card companies, personal bank accounts, retirement funds, mortgage/lease information
- Insurance carrier: Home/Auto/Life/Health
- Employer: Payroll Department, Benefits Department: 401K
- Educational: School or Alumni Association
- Other: Voter registration, gym membership, social media/networking sites

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