DC Recap: the food

 Happy Tuesday lovelies!  Hope you had a great fall weekend.  I was in DC visiting the Mister for the weekend, and eating some delicious meals. 

Saturday we went to a food truck fiesta and sampled some great eats.  We had the chicken, tofu, and steak tacos from TaKorean.  Sampled the calamari from the Tapas Truck , and ate the most delicious black truffle lasagna with Gorgonzola and portabello truffle cream sauce from Basil Thyme.

{Basil Thyme}

 For dinner on Saturday we dinned at Estadio.  We pretty much ate the entire menu between the 3 of us and the boys sampled their extensive beer menu.  Their desserts were amazing we had the pan con Chocolate (dark chocolate with sea salt and olive oil) and their manchengo cheesecake.


Sunday we grabbed a late lunch at Amsterdam Falafel.  Great concept of adding all the toppings that your heart desired.  Just wish you could eat it as a salad on a plate. 

Sunday night's dinner was at Sacrificial Lamb, they received a 100% rating on yelp and their chicken biryani didn't disappoint.  Monday's brunch was at a local joint (local as in down the street from the Mister's apt) the Commissary.  Their potato pancakes were perfection.  After a walk to the Library of Congress, where despite being a library you can't actually touch any of their books, we went to lunch at Rasika.  One of my favorite Indian restaurants to date; everything was delicious!


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