Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday lovelies!  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  I spent it finding adorable little things for the nursery, building IKEA furniture, screen printing cute burp cloths, and spending quality time with the Mister.  Unfortunately, I'm more tired today because of all my productiveness, long weekend fail.  Did you watch the President's second Inauguration?  I heart the first lady, she's such a class act from the bangs to the dress, I'm loving all of it.

 My random Tuesday thoughts:
- Fun Valentine's Day font
- These heals were on clearance at Target for $10, I'm considering going back for them.
- Love this sari blouse, looks like pacman
- Beyonce looked fabulous singing the national anthem in this Pucci gown
- Watched Easy A on tv last night.  One, I love Emma Stone and two, I hope the Mister and I are great parents like Rosemary & Dill.  Did anyone else notice their entire family is named after food?

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