Push Present

I love the idea of a push present.  Not because you need something extravagant for having a baby, although some would say that putting your body through 10 months of pregnancy and labor are reason enough.  It would be nice to have something that reminds you this very special day.  Here are some great options because not everyone has a couple grand to dish out on diamonds  and with a baby on the way it might not be the best use of your disposable income.  

Initial necklace | Lulu Frost code rings for the baby's due date | Cartier Love bracelet |

And although dad's don't actually do any of the pregnancy or labor part, they are still partly responsible for that beautiful crying and pooping bundle of joy in your arms.  Some ideas for dad's gifts include: a vacation, an iPad, a watch with your baby's birthday engraved on it, or just some old fashioned alone time (no baby, no wife).

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