Baby Week: Helpful Links

As you can imagine there are plenty of sites out there from the best way to breastfeed to the best baby deals.  And while I certainly have not perused them all, here's a list of my favorite baby related sites, articles, and resources.  Grab that cup of decaf coffee, there's a lot information listed below.  Happy Friday! 
  1. For the best baby deals I usually checkout Baby Cheapskate and Baby Savers.  I've found some really great amazon diaper deals via Baby Savers. 
  2. Cord Blood, to donate or not to donate.  Although this is a personal decision, we are going the route of donating our baby's cord blood.  Once we made that decision it was a matter of donating to the public bank or storing our baby's cord blood privately.  After plenty of reading and talking to our pediatrician, we've decided to donate it to a public bank.  For a number of reasons: private banking is expensive (although if you or your significant other is a healthcare professional most registries offer a significant discount); the number of diseases that can currently be treated by using cord blood is limited; if you do not have a family member that could currently benefit from your baby's cord blood, it isn't recommended, and currently  it isn't recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  If you decide to go the public registry route, you'll need to see if your hospital participates, and if so through which bank.  Additionally, you'll need to request a kit no later than 6 weeks prior to your due date so that you can receive your kit/paperwork on time. 
  3. Documents your baby will need.  Insurance, most insurance companies allow you a 30 day window to add your new bundle of joy to your plan.  You will also need to get your baby a Social Security number, you can find the instructions on how to do so here.
  4. Sign up for Amazon Mom.  You will receive 20% off diapers & wipes as well as other exclusive deals, and your first 3 months you'll also receive free shipping. 
  5. Breastfeeding.  As I haven't embarked upon this potentially tumultuous journey I can't speak from experience.  However I did find a couple mommy blogs who's breastfeeding schedules and guides I thought were helpful: TheLeakyBoob, TheAlphaParent, & AskDr.Sears.   Then there's that pesky problem of drinking and breastfeeding, should you pump & dump, and do you really have to waste that precious breast milk.  I found this article by the La Leche League to be very helpful.  They also have lactation consultants who you can call and email for advice, seriously these women might just save your sanity.  
  6. Cloth or disposable diapers.  I was a huge proponent for cloth diapers, and not the kind your parents had when they were kids.  Today's cloth diapers are much more versatile  easier to clean, and cuter.  Not to mention that they're safer for your baby and the environment.  Did you know that a disposable diaper is not biodegradable, because of all the chemicals it contains, now think about those chemicals on your precious baby's bum.  I however lost this battle with the mister, who thought that for the same price but extra clean up, it wasn't worth it.  If you are interested in cloth diapering here are some great resources: StyleBabyBabble, & GDiapers.
  7. HealthyChildren and not Google should be your go to resource for when you have questions about your baby.  It's backed by the AAP, and let's face it Google can be a scary place. 
  8. Start doing your kegels now, because peeing when you laugh, cough, workout etc is not cute.  Why are kegels are so important, because they help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which in turn help keep your bladder in check.  Wondering how to do kegels, or if you're doing them right, check out these references: MayoClinic, Women's Health, & LiveStrong.    On a side note, if you need a little support post delivery these leak proof undies are pretty adorable. 
  9. A great article, written by a physical therapist on proper spinal alignment, and why babies shouldn't spend too much time in car seats/swings.
  10. And if you're looking for a preview of what your nighttime routine with a newborn could potentially look like, I found these two sites to be insightful: StyleBaby & Delightful Mom Stuff

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