Tasty Thursday

These thin mints look amazing!!  And coming in at under 15 minutes, they'd make the perfect snack to hold me over until my order of Girl Scout Thin Mints are here.

16 to 20 oreo cookies
7 to 10 oz semisweet or bittersweet chocolate
1 tsp mint extract

Twist the oreos to separate them (see notes), and scrape off the cream filling (either discard the filling...or eat it, if you're into that.)
Melt (and temper, if you can be bothered - see notes) the chocolate, then stir in the mint extract well.
Dip an oreo half in the melted chocolate, turn to coat using a fork.
Use the fork to remove the oreo from the chocolate, tap it on the edge of the bowl a few times (to let excess chocolate drip off) and transfer to a lined cookie sheet.
Leave at room temperature until set.

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