Baby Week: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

With T-minus 2 weeks to go, we finally finished packing our hospital bags, yes bags, this weekend.  Here's a look at the essentials and then some that we're bringing to the hospital.

For the baby: I packed a couple outfit options, just because we aren't sure of his size.  There are 2 going home outfits (long footed onesies), a footed pant with a kimono top, hats, and a fleece footed onesie (it'll be the first week of march and I don't anticipate it being very warm).  For the purposes of grooming, we packed baby nail cutters and more importantly a nail file, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and Vaseline (I hear slathering this on helps with cleaning up the meconium aka first tar like poops).  I also packed extra diapers and a swaddle blanket, I know  the hospital provides plenty of their own, but just in case I waned to give it a go.  And I also added extra card stock for baby foot prints, since it was easier than hauling his baby book along, and a thick receiving blanket that we ordered from Ava-Elliot (which I love). 

For me:  I packed 2 pairs of PJs, one's a long sleeved button down for easy feeding and skin-to-skin contact, and a going home outfit: yoga pants with a fold over waist, and a long tunic top.  I went to target and picked up a few nursing tanks, so at least my middle will be covered, and some glorious granny panties.  I know the hospital provides you with mesh undies, but I'm not sure if I'll like those.  Grooming:  I plan on showering so I can feel human again, so that requires the usual toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and of course a hair dryer, flat iron, and hairspray.  Overnight essentials: face wipes, face wash, face lotion, deodorant, contacts, contact solution, glasses, and hair ties.  A make up bag with just the basics: BB cream, eyeliner, and concealer.  I also packed a pair of flip flops, and 2 pairs of comfy/warm socks.  And because I'm not that into ice chips, I packed some hard candy: Lemonheads and Jolly Ranchers, and granola bars.  Lastly, the postpartum care goodies: nipple cream, overnight pads aka thunder pads, Tucks medicated pads, Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Spray, a set of disposable breast pads (in case my milk comes in early), and Tylenol. 
 For the Mister: A blanket (as his bed is by the window), PJs and comfy clothes, button down shirt for skin-to-skin care, and toiletries.

Tech bag (which is also packed in the Mister's bag): iPad, Kindle Fire, laptop (to send out the birth email to immediate friends and family), cameras (DSLR and the point and shoot), phones, and chargers for all electronics. 

Other important stuff: ID & insurance cards, copy of my medical record file, cord blood paperwork/kit, and our pediatrician's contact information.

Not sure where to get started with your hospital bag?  Here's a quick checklist I put together:

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