Soiree :: Fashion Show Themed Baby Shower, Part 2

When we were brainstorming for this fashion show/brand launch themed shower we knew there were certain elements we wanted to capture, so that guests felt as though they were at an exclusive event.  We transformed our friend's loft into a pink boutique oasis.  Complete with a backdrop and runway featuring the "brand" logo, goodie bags lining each side of the runway, and a designer chair for the guest of honor.  We transformed the fireplace into a baby boutique with pink, black, and white clothes hung with glittered clothes pins.  And framed "Vogue" magazine covers featuring our gorgeous mommy-to-be and the "brand" to create a feature wall.  We had guests take polaroids with the guest of honor that they then added to the guest book/ brand look book and left a message for the mommy-to-be.   The look book was completed with sketches of baby clothes, fabric and color swatches, and handwritten design ideas.  And as requested by the mommy-to-be the books that guest brought were featured on another table.  We also had stations where guests designed a page of a fashion themed alphabet book, so that the new babe could learn her fashion ABC's, as well as a design your own headband station.  In addition to the usual baby shower games, guests played the celebrity fashion version of  "The Price is Right", and the wining team took home pink nail polish.  And each guest went home with a reusable pink shopping tote, which fit the theme perfectly.  As a finishing touch we created event staff lanyards for all the ladies that were hosting the shower with an extra special one for the mommy-to-be, and encouraged guests to Instagram/Tweet using the hash tags we created.  It was such a fun afternoon, with everything coming together perfectly, all for a very special mommy-to-be!

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