Monthly Updates :: 3 Months & Monthly DIY Project

Our little man turned 3 months old this past Monday, I can't believe how big he's getting!

Monthly Word Find/Search DIY
With the chalkboard wall now empty, after we erased the countdown to baby, I was looking for something to replace it with, and I came up with a monthly word search puzzle.  It's not only a perfect use for the chalkboard, but a fun way to keep track of the little man's monthly progress.  And as a kid I was obsessed with word searches, some people are crossword puzzle aficionados, I was a word find fiend. 

All you need is a chalkboard or chalkboard paint and chalk!

Step 1.  Create the word search.  You could use an online word find generator, but I had a specific amount of columns and rows, so I made one myself.  If you're making one yourself, start with all the words you want to find, and then fill in the remaining spots with random letters.

Step 2.  Measure out your columns and rows.  I indicated each row and column with little chalk marks, which I easily erased after.

Step 3.  Add your letters.  I contemplated using stickers, this way the font and size of the letters were consistent.  But seeing as I change my mind often, and didn't want to be stuck with stickers.  I will say adding your letters by hand requires a little patience, and a lot of erasing.

Step 4.  Marvel at a job well done, and start circling those words.  This would be a great way to get an older child involved.

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