Hump Day

Sorry for being so MIA last week, life's been a little unpredictable lately.  My mom is headed home 3 months early, which means we're scrambling to find day care for our little Man starting in September.  If you're a Chicago parent and know of a great daycare you'd like to share, by all means please do.  Who knew finding daycare could be so stressful.  In other news, Will & Kate or 'the Cambriges' as I like to refer to them as, have released their first family photo.  They look picture perfect, as we've come to expect from them, and incredibly happy.  Even the family dog, Lupo, seems to be having a great time.
In other great reading, I cracked up at this article about what we as parents say we'd never do till we actually become parents.  I personally am guilty of letting our little Man sleep in our bed, because it means that we will all get a little more sleep at night.  Happy Hump Day! 

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