Gifting :: DIY Housewarming Jar

I love all the adorable housewarming jars out there.  So when my cousin moved to the city with her Mister, I couldn't resist making them one.  I went to Home Goods, I should be upfront in saying that I have an addiction to that store, and picked up everything I needed.  I included: kitchen towels, a wood spatula, dirty or clean dishwasher magnet, cupcake liners, paper straws, cheers cocktail napkins, an egg timer, a lovely smelling candle, and Meyer's All Purpose cleaner.  Oh and for all the fun 'new house' things I picked up,  I also included a roll of toilet paper, because everyone needs the essentials.  And to tie it together I found this adorable glass jar with a chalk label.  I love the way it looked put together. 

The wooden spatula didn't quite fit, so I  used double sided tape to secure to the outside.  I liked the way this looked so much better. 
A close up of the jar's contents. 

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