DIY tassel streamers

I made this fun and easy tissue tassel streamer for the little Man's 6 month birthday BabyQ Bash.  It was the perfect accessory for the giant (36") balloon, that served as the photo backdrop for the party.  Creating the tissue tassel streamer was incredibly easy and took me all of 10 minutes.  Here's the step by step on creating tissue tassel streamers for your soiree.
Step 1Cutting the strips. Open a tissue pack. I folded each sheet of tissue in half horizontally.  Using scissors I cut the tissue into strips.  If you are using a cutting mat you will want to lay the tissue with the folded side to the top of your cutting mat, lining it up with the grid lines. Then either using scissors or a strait edge, cut strips from the sheets of tissue.
Step 2: Creating tassels. Fold the tissue in half vertically, and repeat this process until you have a 2 inch section.  Secure with a glue gun.
You're left with 1 inch tassels.
Step 3: Securing tassels to the ribbon. Fold each tassel in half.  Using your glue gun, add a drop of glue between the seam crated by the fold.  Run ribbon through the center, and fold tassel over.  Repeat this process till all tassels are attached to the ribbon.

Step 4: Attach tissue tassel streamer. Tie the end of your tassel streamer to the ribbon of your balloon.
{the little Man with his aunt}

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