Chicago Living :: The Aviary & The Office

Hope you lovelies made the best of daylight savings and slept in an extra hour.  This weekend we finally made our way to The Aviary.  It was a blast.  Not only did we try practically every cocktail on the menu between the 6 of us, my personal favorite was the luau, but we made it downstairs to The Office, where I sipped on the Tikki.  Special shout out to Jeremiah who explained the science behind their ice making and all the fabulous boozegastronomy that goes on at The Aviary!  The Mister had the following off the prefixed drink menu at The Aviary: Anything for Shrub, Lambrucha, and School Lunch.  I had the Tropic Thunder, and 90 Miles to Mexico.  Needless to say I was in bed till past noon on Saturday.  On a side note, I can't believe we are in November already, the holidays will be here in no time!  Happy Monday!

{Drinks at The Aviary from Top Left across: Tropic Thunder, In the Rocks, Dune Buggy; Anything for Shrub, Martinez & Lambrucha, Ford's Model Tea Party & 90 Miles to Mexico; Ford Model's Tea Party, School Lunch, & A Moment of Silence}

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