Annual Ugly Sweater Party

We hosted our annual ugly sweater/cookie & beer exchange/white elephant party last month.  Of all the parties we throw, this is by far my favorite.  I decided to keep things simple.  As a centerpiece, I used leftover blue and silver ornaments strung together, and added some silver glitter trees.  The best part of any cookie exchange is the delicious treats you get to take home, and this year didn't disappoint.  Just for fun I put together individual hot cocoa test tubes, the perfect serving for a single cup, that everyone added to their cookie loot.

In addition to the beer exchange I made a Christmas sangria with cranberries, pears, and a delicious moscato.

Sometimes a tree skirt is the perfect alternative to an ugly sweater.  Well maybe not, but it was all I had to work with.
We DIYed a sleigh for the little Man.  I happen to love the way it turned out, he on the other hand was not convinced.  It took several attempts before he agreed to sit in it. 

How to DIY yourself a Sleigh: 
Materials: cardboard box, an x-acto knife, red metallic tissue paper, packing tape, & tinsel. 

Step 1:  Using an x-acto knife, remove the front flap of your cardboard box. 
Step 2:  Secure the 2 side flaps to the back flap with packing tape, this gives the sleigh the appropriate height. 
Step 3:  We then drew and cut, with an x-acto knife, a curved shape for the side of the sleigh.  Using one side as a template we drew and cut out the other side.  At this point you should have what looks like a sleigh. 
Step 4:  I covered the box with metallic red tissue paper and added tinsel to hide the slightly messy edges. 
Voila, in 10 minutes you have a festive sleigh, perfect for watching Polar Express and for taking photos.

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