Style :: Making the cut

It's getting to be that time again, time to chop my hair and donate it.  Maybe it's because spring is finally here and I'm so ready for a change, but my long hair isn't doing anything for me anymore.  The last time I donated my hair was right after the Mister and I got married, and although I'm not looking to go that short, I am looking to shed several inches.  My sister was the one that actually started donating her hair in high school and it inspired me to do the same, this will be the 4th time I've donated my hair.  Up until now I've always donated my hair to Locks for Love, but this time I'm going the route of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, as I'm not looking to loose that many inches.  The cut I am looking for is something a little longer than shoulder length, with movement in the form of layers.  And as far as color goes, I absolutely want to add some depth with warm chocolate and honey balayage.  I am so looking forward to something fun for the summer.  Here are the styles (and color) hoping to make the cut...

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