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I had plenty of input on the Mister's suit for our wedding.  Personally the most important things to look for in a suit, from a woman's perspective, are style and fit.  If you are new to Bonobos, allow me to introduce you to a stylish men's suiting company.  Bonobos offers tailored pieces, on trend styles, and excellent customer service, which includes free shipping and returns.  The Mister is a huge fan and owns several pants from Bonobos, and they fit like a dream.

With wedding season in full swing, I thought I'd share my favorite groom's style for the season:  the seersucker suit.  I'm a huge fan of seersucker and cotton suits for summer weddings, but don't just limit them to weddings.  They work great for garden parties or any outdoor soiree.  Imagine breathable fabrics, that wont leave the groom a sweaty mess, and a fit that looks oh so dashing.  If you are getting married this summer, Bonobos also offers a groom service, where brides and grooms can meet with their consultants to discuss wedding attire for both the groom as well as the groomsmen.

As an homage to my favorite summer suit, a boho-chic seaside wedding inspiration board:

{photos via: Cotton Suit, Invitation & Stationary, Bow Ties, Table Setting, Bride, Seersucker Suit, Bride & Groom}
  And another thing I can't get enough of, their gorgeous lining materials. Here are some of my favorites:

{ The Foundation Suit}

{ The Capstone Tux}

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