Tasty Thursday :: Fish Tacos

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Spanglish Mexican Kitchen last night before heading to the spring event at the little Man's daycare.  If you haven't been to Spanglish yet, and you live in the city you have to try it, it's delicious!  It's essentially authentic Mexican, fast food, that's a million times better than Taco Bell, trust me.  The best part about last night's meal, besides my chorizo taco, was that the little Man devoured all the fish from the grilled fish taco we ordered!  You might be wondering why I'm so excited by this, let's just say the little Man is one picky eater, and mealtimes are a major struggle in our household.  So now I'm on the hunt for the perfect grilled fish taco recipe and I think I've found it!

{grilled fish taco}

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