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We are on our way to Visalia today, to visit some fambam.  Nothing like to California road trip up the coast for sunny & scenic sights.  While we are away, I thought I'd share my travel tote essentials.  The one thing not pictured that are a total necessity for me, are snacks: Lemonheads-  little something for me & Goldfish crackers - a little something for the little Man.  

What's in my travel tote:
iPad: wifi-capable, blogging-enabling gear; with plenty of apps to keep the little Man entertained
iPhone:  to check Instagram while waiting for our plane to taxi
Lip Balm:  a must for dry airplane air inducing chapped lips
Ray Bans & Case:  for all that California sunlight
Various necklaces, rings, & bracelets and their own protective pouches
L'Occitane Shea lotion: to battle the dryness
Cannon s90:  to capture our travel moments
Eclipse gum: always fully stocked
Hair claw/ties

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