Entertaining Basics :: Block Party Essentials

Summer is in full swing, which means summer soirees are filling up our social calender.  Today we're sharing our block party essentials for a festive gathering for friends and neighbors.  With plenty of party details and thoughtful extras.

Create a cozy ambiance with string lights or votives.  Pay attention to your guest's needs by creating a sunscreen and bug repellent station, and offering blankets to keep your guests warm as the temperatures dip.  Serve fresh summer food in individual portions, with recyclable wood utensils, or on festive summer dinnerware.  Get creative with your beverages; a recycled wood wagon doubles as the perfect beer cooler.  Or offer up a delicious homemade lemonade in a summery drink dispenser.  The best part of any summer soiree is the minimal but effective decor.  Opt for a traditional picnic tablecloth pattern in red and seasonal flowers that pair perfectly with simple mason jars.  There you have it our summer block party entertaining essentials!  

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