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On this blizzarding day in Chicago, and after plenty of hours staring at the computer screen, I've officially decided to start rnlMusings.  It's been something I've been contemplating for awhile now, another creative outlet.   Although I heart rivernorthLove and will continue to blog about beautiful parties, weddings, and events, I often find myself digressing to other things such as food, travels, decor and design.  With that I've decided to dedicate rivernorthLove solely to beautiful parties, weddings, and events and use rnlMusings for well, my musings, enough said.  So I hope you'll enjoy the random thoughts, ideas, and visual impulses that inspire me and hopefully they'll inspire you too.  Ironically, I'm starting this blog almost to the date that rivernorthLove was started, but again I digress.  

And yes for those of you who are wondering, there really is a blizzard out there.  Here's proof - I was going cross-eyed staring at excel and access worksheets all day so we had ourselves a fun play date in the snow.  I honestly wonder how many people actually made it in to work today?  Here's hoping I can work from home/play again tomorrow! 

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