DIY :: Easy Flower Pin

Flower pins are everywhere, and they're so easy to create.  I love the idea of wearing them on a thin belt or using them to anchor a bird cage veil,  the possibilities are endless.
You'll need:
An alligator clip
Needle & Thread
Beads or Pearls
Material of your choice (synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester work best)
A heat source (lighter or candle)
Step 1: Cut out five petal flower shapes, the largest at 3.5 inches in diameter.  Cut out at least 2 more flowers slightly smaller than the first.  Cut out petals, and a circle to be used as the backing for your flower pin.
Step 2: Holding the edges close to a candle or open flame singe the ends of the flowers, letting the heat warp the fabric at the edges.  The edges will curl inward creating a soft appearance.   Repeat this with the remaining flower shapes and petals.  Layer all 3 flowers and petals till you achieve the desired look/shape.  You can also secure the layers using a hot glue gun.
Step 3: Add the beads or pearls using a needle and thread, and adhering the beads and all 3 layers as well as the petals.
Step 4: For the backing, slide the alligator clip onto the circle fabric. Attach the backing to the flower with needle & thread or using a hot glue gun.  Make sure to leave a slit on both ends of the alligator clip.
The Finished product.  Wear it in your hair with the alligator clip, remove the alligator clip and slide a thin headband through the slit, or use a safety pin to attach it anywhere.

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