Where oh where should we go on vacay...

I did a little survey of my passport last week and it turns out I've only been to 21 out of the 194 (soon to be 195 with the creation of South Sudan) countries on this planet.  That's a measly 11%, kinda depressing.  The good news, the Mister and I are planning a trip, yay!  The bad news, we can't decide where we should go.  All of the following are our options:  a safari in S. Africa, island hopping in Greece & Turkey, Spain and or Italy (countries I've already been to, but they're both so beautiful I'd go again), Argentina (glaciers and wine country), or Hawaii (Maui and the Big Island). 

Have you been to any of these places?  Or do you have recommendations from your trip?  I'd love help in narrowing down our choices!

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