A few of my favorite things...

..the fashion reads, edition.  I wish I could put together fun outfits effortlessly like these 3 fabulous ladies do.  In the meantime I love perusing their blogs for beautiful fashion inspiration.

Bee, of Atlantic-Pacific, is in the fashion industry so it's no wonder her outfits are so fabulous.  She's my inspiration for finding a red belt, keep reading and you'll see why.
{photo via Atlantic-Pacific}
 Anh, of 9to5 Chic, is one of my favorites because she puts together these beautiful outfits that us girls working in a professional environment can emulate.  And we have similar tastes and shop at the same stores.
{photo via 9to5 Chic}
I love Beth's take on Carrie's style, we've all loved and hated the many outfits of Carrie Bradshaw.  I'm smitten with B. Jone's take on Carrie's iconic, kookie, menswear, and easy styles.  She pulls her versions of so effortlessly, and she' has an uncanny resemblance to Carrie. 
{photo via B.Jones Style}

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