Lavender & Yellow

{First row: Lavender Roses, Yellow Birds, Purple Table No.; Second Row: Yellow Orchid Boutonniere, Program, HE Wedding Sign; Third Row:  Brushed Cookies, Lavender Macaroons; Fourth Row: Reception, Yellow Calla Lilies, Lavender, Lavender Crème Brulee}
I love the softness of lavender of set by bright and cheery yellow.  This board started with those beautiful DIY birds used to display wedding rings, and came together with delicious lavender infused creme brulee and lavender macaroons, yum!  Some of my favorites include that adorable program, the lavish reception decor, and the wonderful HE wedding sign (the bride and groom put together all the attributes they loved most about one another and the result were these fun large posters).   Would you do a lavender and yellow wedding?


  1. I have such a weak spot for purple! Such a beautiful board :) Especially love the hanging ornaments!

  2. Thanks Linh! I know those ornatments really make that room pop!