Milk-aholics Anonymous

Got Milk? I am in love with this ingenious Milk Bar 'Sip & See' featured on Hostess.  It's a the perfect re-invention of the milk & cookie dessert bar!  The black and white/cow hide color palate is perfection, as is the MILKaholic and baby bottle design.  The talented hostess made everything from the hand painted canvas above the dessert table to the beautiful cake.
From the host...
With this being a co-ed event, we wanted to keep the decor more modern and less traditional ‘baby’. To create a unique backdrop for the dessert table, I painted a canvas to match the party invite. Black and white patterned bunting was hung along the wall above the painting. Mini bottles were filled with milk and given sleek milk labels. The bottles were stacked in tall vases on ice and also mixed into the tub of adult beverages. The theme even permeated the coffee station with mini milk bottles serving up the cream and sugar. The Milkaholic logo was updated to include the baby’s name and then framed for additional decoration. White hydrangeas were arranged in tall cylinder vases tied with black satin ribbon.


  1. omg this is SOOO cute! The little cold milk shots w/ mini cookies on the straws are adorable!!

  2. I know, the whole concepts is adorable. The milk shots with mini cookies reminds me of PotBelly's milk shakes!