This Week I Believe In...

 .... preparation.  Stamping, cutting, and gluing for the mister's birthday.  Admittedly this party might be more for me, woops.
.... scales. Especially when it tells me I've lost 7 lbs :)
.... addiction.  In the form of Crystal Light lemon aid water.  Is it sad that I only want water with a Crystal Light packet in it?
.... giving.  Putting together a DIY 'Congrats, your engaged!' package for 2 lovlies. Because being engaged is the best part
.... walking.  Late night walks through our rain soaked neighborhood always seem to yield the best ideas and hand holding, swoon.
.... drinking.  Finally ending my month long detox this weekend, just in time for the Mister's birthday celebration.  What are the odds that i'll be drunk off of a beer or a glass of SkinnyGirl Margarita?

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