Guilty Pleasures

I came across Vmac + Cheese's 20 guilty pleasures and I was cracking up mostly because we might be sharing the same brain.  I was so inspired, I knew I had to post mine.  Here they are, please don't judge me :) 
  1. Getting all dolled up, even if it's just to go watch the game.  Sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to feel ridiculously pretty or wear something new.
  2. Sleeping for hours. I'm totally guilty of hitting the snooze button, and chronically being 15 minutes late to work.  And on the weekends I've been known to stay in bed till 2pm.
  3. Watching movies over, and over, and over again.  Yes, to the point that I can quote them.
  4. La Bombas Mexican Rice (An addiction that started in college.  It got to the point where they knew what I was going to order before I ever opened my mouth.) and Sour Patch Kids (I'm a candy elitist - I only eat the green and red ones).
  5. Facebook, yes I'm addicted and some might consider it boarder-line stalking.  The Mister has tried limiting my FB time to 30 mins a day, that's a bad sign.  Moving on..
  6. Using left over quinoa or rice to wipe clean a pot or pan after we're done eating and after I've put away the left overs. It's the best part, don't judge mom, I learned this from dad.
  7. Brownies.  I simply can not eat just one, I will devour the entire pan.  The Mister knows to takes his half out and put it elsewhere so I wont eat it.
  8. Real Housewives of New Jersey & The Kardashians.  I'm a reality TV junkie when it comes to these two, I can't get enough of the drama.
  9. Dry shampoo. Sometimes on the weekends I skip the shower, wear my pjs for 48 hours straight, and use the dry shampoo if we aren't going anywhere (Target and the grocery store don't count). Did I just admit to this?
  10. Glee sing-alongs. After an episode is over I YouTube the songs and belt them out. Sorry neighbors.
  11. Guacamole and margaritas, the only Mexican food I absolutely love.  It's the perfect happy hour or date night combo.  And yes I make a mean guacamole!
  12. A great book.  It's like a love affair- I'll go without meals, showers, or talking to people for days.
  13. Baking, nothing beats the smell of baked goods or melting butter.  If I haven't baked in 2 weeks I get antsy.
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  15. Walking around the condo in my bra & undies.  Yes, I know it's a bad habit, and yes I know there's a possibility that someone might be able to see me, a small possibility.
  16. DIY projects, I am notorious for starting new projects and not finishing them.  Note to self, this is why my 'to do' list is never ending.  In my defense there are just so many creative things that I want to do or make that I simply don't have the time.  Perhaps if I cut down on numbers #4 and #19 I might have more free time, just a thought.
  17. Planning vacations that I hope to go on one day.  I create detailed itineraries down to my picks for places to eat, stay, and shop.  Once they're finished I polish them off in PowerPoint format, I'm such a nerd.
  18. Skipping the work out and getting ice cream or baking brownies and/or cookies.
  19. Calling dibs on baby names for my imaginary children.  The list is in it's twenties, and I only want 3 kids.
  20. Spending way too much time on Pinterest, blogs, or perusing recipes.
  21. The couch, the mister, and the murphster- my ultimate guilty pleasure
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    What are your guilty pleasures?

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