Wedding Trend.... Menus

I am loving these unique menu display trends.  There are so many ways to get creative with the options below, and I'm a sucker for great paper designs and beautiful handwriting!  From chalkboards and glass panes to chopstick wrappers and fortune tellers, there are more options for displaying your food selections than the traditional menus, Enjoy!  
{Napkin Holder, Chalkboard Plate, Clipboard, Wine Bottle}
{Brown Paper Bag, Cheeseboard, Chalkboard}
{Chocolate Bar, Hanging Menu, Fortune Teller, Chopstick Wrapper, Circle Plate Menu}


  1. I'm getting married in May and have been going back and fourth on the menu idea. I love having guest know what they're getting but trying to cut any extra costs... I like the idea of writing it on one big board.. it would be a good DIY project!

  2. Lara congrats on your upcoming wedding! I love the look of chalkboard/glass pane menus, and yes they make for fabulous DIY projects!