Wedding Trends...Dessert Bars

First came the candy bar with its multitude of sweet offerings, which were followed by cupcakes, cookies, etc.  Dessert bars have evolved, and now include anything and everything, and it's a great alternative to wedding cake.  Dessert bars can include everything from your favorite cookie, brownie, cupcake, or even your childhood favorites, like pudding.  Picking out your dessert bar goodies, is half the fun, finding a way to display your sweet treats is the other half, especially since we eat with our eyes first. Whether you're using it to compensate for a smaller cake or as favors, dessert bars are a great way to spoil your guests, and give them something to frequent besides the dance floor or the bar.
{Candy Bar}
{Smores Bar}
{Pie Bar}

{Coffee & DoughnutsBar}
{Ice Cream Bar}
{Pancake Bar}
{Biscuit Bar}
{Cupcake Bar}
{Cookie Bar}
{Popcorn Bar}

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