A Golden Champagne Toast

Whether it's a night in, or a night out with your friends, girlfriends, or loved one, hope this NYE is golden.   Gold is the perfect color for any NYE event if you're hosting a wedding, a get together, or going out.  Gold is bright, shinny, and new, the perfect way to ring in the promises of a new year.  Other must-haves are cocktails, confetti, and of course champagne.  Some golden-champagne inspiration for you NYE 2011 soiree, Enjoy!
{First Row: Bucket, Girl on Balcony, Champagne Bottle; Second Row: Place setting, Candy; Third Row: Invitation, Poster, Champagne Flutes, Gold Glitter; Fourth Row: Couple Popping Champagne, Cate Blanchette; Fifth Row: Car, Champagne Flute & Cork}

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