Winterwonderland Dinner Party

This soft wintry white dinner party is glamorously festive.  Everything from the reindeer details, billowy centerpieces, glitter and silver touches, and soft candles exudes holiday elegance.  The white on white color palate makes for a festive and intimate dinner party to pamper your guests with this holiday season.
{photos via Hostess Blog}
From the host:
‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ was my inspiration. Here in southern France, snow is rare at Christmas, so the idea of styling a complete white party seemed very appropriate to bring the snow inside at any cost!  By mixing different textures, from fabrics, to paper, glass and ceramic, wool and fleece; you can create a monochrome white look without making it look too clinical.  The addition of candles and mirrored tiles on the table, helped to bounce light around and add warmth to the whole set up.

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